Top 5 best pastry shops in Venice


The pastry tradition in Venice is a serious matter, and the typical sweets and historic pasticcerias in Venice are among the most interesting (and tasty) places in this city. Despite being a pastry fan or not, it is worth discovering (and tasting) some pastries during a visit to the lagoon. When strolling through the alleys of Venice, you won’t only encounter souvenir shops but also windows bursting with delightful treats, stuffed and fluffy sandwiches, assorted biscuits, colorful nougats, chocolates, creamy pastries, and other sweet delights.

Best pastry shops in Venice
Best pastry shops in Venice

Depending on the time of year, you will also find fritters, galani, and castagnole during Carnevale, sweet treats for San Martino, pinze for Christmas, and fugasse for Easter. Although Venice’s sandwiches (tramezzini) are also quite famous and deserve a separate exploration, today we will focus on the sweet side of the city by introducing you the 5 best pastry shops in Venice.

Before we begin, here are some historical facts about pastry in Venice. The pastry tradition has a rather long history dating back to the 15th century when the Scuola degli Scaleteri (School of Pastry Makers) was established in the city. This was a kind of guild for arts and crafts that brought together the scaleteri, pastry makers who produced and sold thin and delicate wafers made of flour, sugar, and butter called Scalete. Even today, in the San Polo district, you can stroll along Calle del Scaleter.

Located just a few steps away from the university in the Dorsoduro district, Pasticceria Tonolo is considered by many to be the best pastry shop in Venice. Mostly word of mouth among students has contributed to its reputation. Whether it is before classes or after a long day spent studying, one of the sweet treats from this pastry shop is all you need to recharge even the most exhausted batteries!

Pasticceria Tonolo in Venice
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The cozy space features a long counter that gets busy, especially in the mornings. Visitors can enjoy coffee, cappuccinos, various pastries, croissants, and krapfen (a type of filled doughnut). They also offer cream-filled baskets, fruit pastries, and millefoglie (Napoleon pastry) among other delights. Of course, classic Venetian cookies like zaleti, bussola, buranei, and spumiglie (meringues) are also available. However, during Carnevale (Carnival), a visit to Pasticceria Tonolo is a must. Their frittelle (traditional Venetian doughnuts) are divine, especially the ones filled with chantilly cream or zabaglione. Trust us, they will leave you spinning with delight!

If you want to visit authentic pasticceria in Venice, then your choice should be Pasticceria Rosa Salva, which has been carrying on the sweet art for six generations in the city. Much water has flowed under Venice’s bridges since the late 1800s when Andrea Rosa, followed by his son Antonio Rosa (nicknamed Salva), began their home-cooking business in the patrician houses of the city.

Rosa Salva in Venice
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Today, Pasticceria Rosa Salva has three locations in the city, making it more likely that you will encounter one while wandering through the Venetian alleys! Whether it’s traditional Venetian sweets like “tiramisu”, zaleti to dip in Vin Santo, zabaglione to savor with baicoli, or classic pastries, a pit stop at Pasticceria Rosa Salva is worth it at any time of day.

Among the top pastry shops in Venice, Pasticceria Dal Mas stands out for its ideal location just a few meters from the train station. This makes it easily accessible for all visitors to Venice, so it is no wonder that Pasticceria Dal Mas is usually very crowded. After getting off the train, most people head towards Strada Nuova, and after a few steps, you can enter Pasticceria Dal Mas for a coffee accompanied by a sweet treat that suits your taste.

Pasticceria Dal Mas in Venice
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With over 100 years of activity, Pasticceria Dal Mas excels in traditional Venetian sweets. However, it has also adapted by expanding its offerings. Adjacent to the historic pastry shop, you will find Cioccolateria Dal Mas, which offers chocolates, pralines, and macarons. This modern and bright environment complements the more traditional offerings of the historic venue.

As you walk along Strada Nuova, on the wide street that connects the train station to Rialto, right in front of the restored and transformed Antico Teatro Italia (now a supermarket), you will find the grand showcase of Pasticceria Nobile, a celebration of sweetness. Even from the outside, you can notice the colorful meringues, traditional cookies, and boxes of various shapes and sizes, perfect as souvenirs or sweet gifts for friends and family.

Pasticceria Nobile in Venice
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Inside, the pastry shop is always bustling with tourists and locals, which is a great sign that you are in the right place. There is a long counter displaying an abundant array of pastries, which can be overwhelming and make choosing difficult. Should you go for creamy pastries or the drier ones? Venetian frittelle or the filled ones during Carnevale? Whatever you choose, you will be in for a treat!

And the last (but not least) on this list is an off-menu gem called Panificio Giovanni Volpe in the ghetto. While it may not be a full-fledged pastry shop, and certainly there are more delectable pastry shops in Venice, we feel compelled to mention it because it plays an important role in the city’s gastronomic and sweet history. Located in Calle di Ghetto Vecchio, at the heart of Venice’s Jewish ghetto, Panificio Giovanni Volpe is a community landmark for the Jewish population.

Panificio Volpe in Venice
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The bakery produces both unleavened bread and traditional Jewish sweets, recipes that have been passed down for centuries. The offerings primarily consist of cookies and other dry pastries, with almonds being a favored ingredient. Many of these treats are suitable for those with celiac disease or lactose intolerance. The six main Jewish sweets produced and sold by Panificio Giovanni Volpe are: impademandorleazzime dolcibissezuccherini, and orecchiette di Amman.

If you love visiting pastry shops on your vacation or trip, Venice is an ideal place for you. There are many different pastry shops across the city, so wherever you are, there is at least one pastry shop nearby. Of course, there are more pastry shops near popular attractions in Venice, but there are still enough pasticcerias for those who find themselves in more quieter areas in the city.

The good thing about pastries is that they are not expensive, so you can try as many pasty shops as you like and still have a budget-friendly experience. Now all that is left is to try them all and decide which one you believe is the best pastry shop in Venice.

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