Australia & Oceania

Basic Information

Australia and Oceania, a vast region encompassing the smallest continent and a myriad of island nations, is a land of contrasts and diversity. Situated southeast of Asia, Australia stands as the smallest continent by land area and the second smallest in terms of population. Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans, it boasts a variety of landscapes from the arid Outback to lush rainforests and vibrant cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

Oceania extends to thousands of islands across the Central and South Pacific, including the microcontinent of Zealandia, with New Zealand’s dramatic volcanic landscapes, and the eastern half of New Guinea. The region is further divided into three distinct island groups: Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia, each with its own unique cultural and geographical identity.

From the Great Barrier Reef’s underwater splendor to the rugged peaks of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Australia and Oceania offer a rich tapestry of natural wonders. The region’s human geography is equally fascinating, with indigenous cultures that have navigated and thrived in these lands for millennia, shaping a cultural heritage as expansive as the Pacific itself.


Most common questions

Is Australia and Oceania the same?

Australia and Oceania are not the same, although they are closely related in geographical terms. Australia is a country and a continent, the smallest of the seven continents, located in the Southern Hemisphere. Oceania, on the other hand, is a region that includes Australia and the island nations and territories in the Central and South Pacific Ocean.

How many countries are in Australia and Oceania?

Australia and Oceania together are home to 14 independent sovereign countries recognized by the United Nations.

Where are Australia and Oceania located?

Australia and Oceania are located in the Southern Hemisphere, flanked by the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Australia, the continent, lies between the Indian Ocean to the west and the South Pacific Ocean to the east. Oceania extends from Australia and includes a diverse array of islands across the Central and South Pacific Ocean, reaching out towards Southeast Asia and the Americas.