Your Travel Horoscope

Your Travel Horoscope

When it comes to finding your perfect vacation destination, it can be helpful (and fun) to look to the heavens.

Jan 21 – Feb 19
Aquarians are naturally curious and seek uniqueness.
Perfect matches: The rich history of Berlin and intriguing ruins of Peru.

Feb 20 – Mar 20
Laid-back Pisces cares more about finding peace than cell reception.
Perfect matches: The spiritual setting of Japan and easygoing vibes of Jamaica.

Mar 21 – Apr 20
Adrenaline packed adventures will leave an Aries starry-eyed.
Perfect matches: The surf swells of Australia and buzzing city of Dubai.

Apr 21 – May 21
Taurus is all about indulgence —think fine dining and utter relaxation.
Perfect matches: The wineries of Italy and sulfur springs of St. Lucia.

May 22 – Jun 21
Geminis are social butterflies, preferring crowds and culture.
Perfect matches: The diverse streets of London and beach parties of Playa del Carmen.

Jun 22 – Jul 22
These homebodies seek family-friendly accommodations and comfortable surroundings.
Perfect matches: The resorts of Punta Cana and quiet coastal villages of Scotland.

Jul 23 – Aug 21
Leos love the luxe life, desiring glamorous locales and culturally rich retreats.
Perfect matches: The sparkling lights of Paris and upscale suites of Hawaii.

Aug 22 – Sep 23
Virgos like to plan, so keep them busy with an organized itinerary.
Perfect matches: The architecture of Rome and variety of the Virgin Islands.

Sep 24 – Oct 23
Easygoing Libras adapt quickly to new cultures and adventures.
Perfect matches: The safaris of Africa and cultural opportunities of Cuba.

Oct 24 – Nov 22
Independent Scorpios love romance, relaxation and exploration.
Perfect matches: The unique landscape of Aruba and canals of Venice.

Nov 23 – Dec 22
Curious, restless Sagittarius needs a full schedule to get the most out of a getaway.
Perfect matches: The festivals of Germany and story-filled Acropolis of Athens.

Dec 23 – Jan 20
Capricorns are passionate about history and desire plenty of sightseeing opportunities.
Perfect matches: The majestic architecture of Prague and local culture of Ireland.