Wellness Ambassador – Travel Tips

Wellness Ambassador – Travel Tips

At Here and Beyond, we want you to reach deep and think about what makes you the happiest and what that looks like, and from there, let the journey begin.

Wellness is something we do every day, whether it’s a walk on the beach, watching the sunset, doing a few extra reps, sipping some really good wine or traveling the world. It can’t be found in a gym membership or a new Fitbit; it is a feeling and a passion. It’s finding peace and connecting with family and friends. It’s eliminating distractions to focus on what’s important to you.

Yes, I want you to eat well, move every day, sleep seven to eight hours each night and stress less. That’s important, no doubt, but none of that means anything if we don’t take the time to disconnect, unwind and, yes, travel.

Travel is an amazing piece of wellness that can be overlooked. Did you know that even planning your vacation could release endorphins – those amazing hormones that make us feel so good? And then when you are on your vacation, let me tell you… they are on fire! We need it. It’scritical to our well-being and health.

So before you pack your gym bag, make your smoothie and charge your Fitbit, ask yourself: What adventures do I need? Am I connecting to what really matters and making time for what really matters? Create that vision, go for it, hit the gym and let the planning begin!

Until next time, live well, be well and travel well.