Playlist: Soundtrack for your Adventure

Playlist: Soundtrack for your Adventure

Every great adventure needs a fresh playlist.

And we’ve got just the right collection of tunes to kick start yours.

A new year means 365 days to climb more mountains, take more trips, try new foods and explore the world. If you’re like us, January is a month full of energy and excitement because we’re planning out all the epic adventures we want to take in the upcoming twelve months. But if you’re still feeling sluggish from the holiday feasts or think you’ll be hibernating until spring, we’ve got the perfect remedy for you.

From classic shout-alongs to the “drop everything and dance” beats, our Adventure Soundtrack is sure to inspire you to liven up your calendar.

Ali Coates

Ali Coates is a Contributing Writer for Here & Beyond. With a love of pop culture, music and fashion, Ali started writing for various publications while studying journalism, advertising and public relations at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Originally from the upper peninsula of Michigan, she loves the great outdoors and takes advantage of traveling to new places to hike and explore whenever she can. She has visited Riviera Maya and the U.S. Virgin Islands and can’t wait to get some more destinations under her belt.