Playlist: Mexican Salsa

Playlist: Mexican Salsa

The music of Mexico inspires, entertains and brings both locals and visitors to life.

When you picture Mexico, it’s easy to envision the coconut studded palm trees, the silky sand between your toes and the vibrant sunset over the ocean. But what really makes this lively country come to life is its soundtrack. Grab a cerveza and your dancing shoes—our Mexican Salsa playlist is about to get you out of your beach chair.

You’ve got the paradise backdrop, what does it matter what’s playing in the background? According to a study conducted by The Health Research Institute in Seattle, music can reduce stress and anxiety as much as a massage, and dancing can improve memory. Another study found that listening to music can elevate mood and put people in touch with their emotions. Common sense, right? Well, another study found that the type of music matters. Music with “happy,” uplifting tones are best for the mind, whereas techno or heavy metal can make depressive symptoms worse.

You can’t fight science! Pair up your beach vacation with this salsa playlist and we’ve just helped you become the happiest person on the planet. You’re welcome.


Listen to the Mexican Salsa playlist on Spotify.

Ali Coates

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