Playlist: Dominican Dance Hall

Playlist: Dominican Dance Hall


Merengue, pambiche and bachata – try your hand (and your feet) at some of these traditional Dominican dances.

Much like the country itself, Dominican music has a rich history embedded in the lyrics and sounds of their songs. Merengue is a musical genre native to Dominican Republic and has a moderate to very fast 2/4 rhythm played on güira (metal scraper) and the double-headed tambora (Dominican drum). Beginning in the 1960s, dancing became a part of the singers’ work with Johnny Ventura’s Combo Show format, and is now a staple of many of the genre’s biggest stars. It is said that the tempo was slowed down to accommodate American soldiers, and so came the pambiche.

With the choice of pace, there’s really no excuse not to try! Plus, we all know you’ve dreamed of being a dancer after seeing Footloose and Dirty Dancing (didn’t we all?).

Turn it up and dance it out with our Dominican Dance Hall playlist here.

Ali Coates

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