Playlist: Caribbean Beats

Playlist: Caribbean Beats


From benna to salsa, these songs will get you in the Caribbean groove.

Your tickets are printed, your bags have been packed for over a week and you have all the best pools at your resort mapped out for fast and easy dive-in assurance. It’s safe to say you’re a little excited for your Caribbean vacation.

With all this anticipation, you completely forgot to make your vacation playlist. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Grab your headphones, a window seat and a complimentary cocktail, because you’re about to be transported to the Caribbean before your plane even lands.

When you think of island beats, it’s easy to think of Bob Marley and other iconic artists. But did you know there’s over 100 different genres that fall under Caribbean music? With a rich history and conversational style, music is a huge part of life in the Caribbean.

Benna, known as an up-tempo Antiguan folk song, is often referred to as a “call and response” song. This type of music was and is used to spread political commentary and news across the island. Chante mas is another traditional form of Caribbean music, primarily heard during Carnival. These lyrics are often lighthearted and comically insulting, used for discussing local scandals and rumors. So go ahead and let loose on your vacation. You may just spark a new song.

Other genres you may recognize include salsa, calypso, merecumbe and conga. We’ve tried to incorporate a little bit of it all into our Spotify playlist. Turn it on, turn it up and try your hand at some salsa dancing. Oh, you’re still on the plane? Did somebody say conga line?


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