Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning a Destination Wedding

What you need to know to make the most of this special time and place.


Insider Tips

Look for deals between September and November in tropical locations. Hotels also won’t be quite as full, allowing you and your guests to enjoy your resort and the destination’s signature attractions without the crowds.

Summer can be a great—and unique—time for a destination wedding. The kids are off school, making this an easy season for guests to travel. The weather can be hot and more humid, which you can take into consideration when selecting your makeup, ceremony site and dress.

Consider holding your wedding ceremony on a weekday. Resorts may be able to offer better pricing and more available date options if you can be flexible and don’t require a Friday or Saturday celebration.


Our Advice

If you’re planning a summer or early fall destination wedding, be aware: The Atlantic hurricane season, which affects the Caribbean islands and the Mexican Caribbean, runs from June 1 to Nov. 30. The Pacific hurricane season, which affects Baja California and Mexico’s Pacific coast, starts May 15 and also runs until Nov. 30.

Plan on a backup venue in the event of inclement weather. Get travel insurance such as Weddings by Funjet’s All In One Travel Protection.

Take advantage of resources like your on-site coordinator and your travel professionals. Their expertise will be invaluable throughout the decision-making process.


Contemporary Trends

Destination weddings aren’t just on the beach anymore. The sky’s the limit, from gardens and gazebos to piers and rooftops.

And, cocktail hours are about so much more than the drinks. Think of yours as an experience, with unique touches like high-end street food and even fire dancers.

Embrace a sense of whimsy. Many couples are finding ways to incorporate unusual items such as birdcages, wine bottles, chandeliers, candles, frames and flowing fabrics into their wedding décor.


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