Meet the People in Jamaica

Meet the People in Jamaica

Through Jamaica’s innovative Meet The People program, visitors are able to connect with Jamaica’s most famous asset—its welcoming and hospitable people.

A visit to this happening island simply wouldn’t be complete without interacting with the locals. Meet up with a Jamaican ambassador, and don’t worry, it won’t get political. That is, unless you want it to. Jamaica’s Meet The People program raises the bar when it comes to authentic and unique travel experiences. At no cost, the Jamaican Tourism Board will match you with an ambassador, a Jamaican who shares your interests. These carefully considered pairings are like good matches for first dates, and you’ll discover unlimited options for interesting things to do with your new friend or family.

Spend a day or two with a musician, doctor, chef, dancer or artist. Shop the local spots. Visit a school. After a tennis match, cool off with a beer and the famous Jamaican “Doctor’s Breeze.” Or, settle down and enjoy great conversation over a cup of Jamaica’s well-known Blue Mountain coffee. There are no age limits either, so your children can meet Jamaican children, perhaps embarking on a lasting friendship.

Whether it’s through a hobby, recreational activity or profession, there is a Meet the People Ambassador ready to share and connect with you, the island way. Such varied and specialized opportunities can only happen through immersion. Meet The People allows for this, creating lifelong bonds and one-of-a-kind experiences. As it turns out, what brings you back to Jamaica may not be the thrills, the glorious beaches and the relaxed vibe. It may be your real connection to the island nation through new friendships and perspectives.

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