Five Beach-Themed Instagrammers to Follow

Five Beach-Themed Instagrammers to Follow

These five of our favorite Instagrammers capture the beauty and spirit of the beach and the ocean. For the moments when you just need a mini-vacation.

Instagrammer @BeachBoyPhotography posts amazing photos of waves almost exclusively. Scrolling through his photos shows off the many sides – and colors – of the ocean, from bright turquoise blue to deep emerald green. It’s easy to drift awhile on these swells.  

@Hawaiistagram is just what it sounds like: An account devoted solely to Hawaii. This group encourages Instagram users to post with #Hawaiistagram to find the best Hawaii photos out there. They compile them all, resulting in a totally drool-worthy account.

Bonus: The photo above was posted by Check it out for more awesome shots of Hawaii.

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Beautiful beaches. Relaxing yoga. What more can you ask for, really? @BeachYogaGirl gives us awesome shots and short videos from the beach. Spending a few minutes just looking at these photos will have you feeling more zen.

Lovely beach shots, cute products and beachy quotes? Count us in. @BeachCottageLife embodies that shabby-chic style and the laid-back atmosphere that makes the beach one of our favorite places in the whole world.

This account @venice_sunsets is dedicated solely to sunsets at Venice Beach. So, yes, it’s as stunning as you imagine. Photos are chosen from those using #venice_sunsets, and aggregated on the account. Looking at these photos, we’re ready for a tropical drink and a chair with a view.

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Main image from @hawaiistagram, featuring @opticalhi – another bonus account you should definitely be following.