Binge-Worthy Adventure Travel

Binge-Worthy Adventure Travel

At The Explorean Cozumel, discerning guests will find a unique blend of expeditions, amenities and a  tantalizing concept known as “spontaneous cuisine.”

One day you’re snorkeling on a Caribbean reef, hoping for a personal encounter—or at least meaningful eye contact—with the Cozumel Splendid Toadfish. The next day you’re climbing a Maya ruin, seeking to unlock the secrets of Ix-Chel, Goddess of the Moon. Have you become the star of your own adventure travel series?

In a way, you have. It may not be a show… at least, not yet. But it’s definitely a series, and it’s one you’ll want to binge on. At The Explorean Cozumel, you’ll have that opportunity and more.

The resort’s concept is unique: provide exceptional creature comforts in the remote setting of the natural world, with the aquamarine brilliance of the Caribbean and the magic and mystery of the Maya jungle just outside your door; then, add a healthy dose of adventure and discovery.


“The idea is to give our guests a unique way to disconnect from the everyday world, explore some things about themselves and spend quality time with their loved ones,” says Mauricio Moncada, The Explorean’s director of sales.

That series thing we mentioned? It’s an exclusive of this all-inclusive. Here’s a quick preview of The Explorean’s daily expeditions and adventures.

Each day, the hotel offers one-of-a kind guided expeditions and adventures exploring Cozumel, Mexico’s largest and (in the eyes of many) most beautiful Caribbean island. Today, you’ll sail the ocean for an up-close look at its unfathomable beauty and diversity. Tomorrow, you’ll be tooling in a dune buggy to the hidden cove of San Martin Beach to spy on the island’s nesting sea turtles. The next evening, you’ll kayak to Passion Island by the light of the full moon and return to a candlelit gourmet dinner on the beach.

And that’s just the first three days. The way your Explorean hosts and guides see it, Cozumel is a truly special place, unlike any other on the face of the earth. So your experience here should be absolutely unique, exciting and unforgettable.

Then, of course, there’s The Explorean itself, where you’ll soon discover that your exploration of the island is complemented perfectly by the exquisite nature of the hotel.

It’s intimate, friendly and ideally suited for me time, or we time. Because as much as The Explorean caters to the sense of adventure, there’s an equal focus on the art of relaxation. All of the rooms are casitas (aka bungalows), with a contemporary look and calming vibe. You’ll appreciate the plush beds and premium bedding, and the daily delivery of fresh bread, coffee and juice will emphasize a buenos días better than the smilingest emoticon.

“The rooms offer exclusivity and tranquility,” Moncada adds, “with the atmosphere of the jungle, and the beach just steps away.”

There’s also a lovely pool with a jungle view. Perfect for exploring the special relationship between a cool drink and a warm ocean breeze.

And did we mention the restaurant? Breakfast, lunch and dinner feature locally sourced ingredients and a chef with worldclass expertise in the art of “spontaneous cuisine.” This means there is no set menu; rather, you’ll find a creative carte du jour based on daily fresh market offerings. And (this is the best part), your chef will
prepare dishes according to your individual requests. So don’t hold back. At The Explorean, you’re able to explore your own culinary creativity without all the bother of cooking and cleaning up.

One final detail. You’ll notice there’s another hotel, just next door—the Fiesta Americana Cozumel, sister property to The Explorean. As an Explorean guest, you’ll have total access to Fiesta Americana’s beach, pools and restaurants, should you wish to explore them. Based on guest history, we put the probability at about
100 percent.

Wondering if The Explorean experience might be a tad too ambitious? Relax. It’s all
good. Daily expeditions fall into the active lifestyle category. It’s a lot like that travel series we mentioned. You’ll find plenty of pure excitement, but always with a support crew right there, just slightly off-camera. And for those who want more intensity, additional side trips and activities will provide an effective outlet for that extra

So turn it on, and get ready to binge on The Explorean Cozumel, a tailored getaway that delivers every time.

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