Best Health & Fitness Apps for 2019

Best Health & Fitness Apps for 2019

Unlock the positive things that smartphones can do to support your health and wellness goals this year.

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First, for lasting success, identify a clear why, an understanding of what you are doing this for. These PURPOSE apps will help you do just that.
1. “Fabulous Daily Motivation”—Goal setting and motivation. Build effective habits.
2. “Day One”—Daily journaling. Capturing your life every day.
3. “Grateful”—A gratitude journal. Focus on what you are truly grateful for.

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These BALANCE apps with help you understand what you are capable of.
1. “Life cycle”—Track your time.
2. “Moment”—Balancing out your time. Using your phone in a healthy way.
3. “Mint”—Personal finances. Managing your wellness also means managing your finances. Use this app to manage all your finances.

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Owning your wellness journey means being your own advocate. These HEALTH apps bring self-awareness, a powerful component in disease prevention and overall health.
1. “Balance Health”—Know your numbers. The key to staying on top of your health is understating your measurements and numbers.
2. “Sleep cycle alarm clock”—Track your sleep. Sleep is critical and one of the most important health habits. This app will track and analyze the quality of your sleep and help incorporate better sleep habits.
3. “Headspace” / “Calm”—Breathe better. Controlling stress is all about controlling your breath. With these apps you will learn the basics and the fundamentals to better breathing and a stronger mindset.

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Eat well with these NUTRITION apps, which is one of the most essential pieces to having a healthier life.
1. “My Fitness Pal”—Food log/tracker. Lasting results means identifying your food choices and habits. This log is everything you need for daily tracking and keeping you on course.
2. “Fooducate”—Eating healthier/making better choices. Empowering and educating yourself about food to make the best choices. This app will educate you and give you healthy swaps for healthier eating.
3. “Yummly”—For recipes, meal prep, and cooking demos. It’s like a personal chef right in your kitchen, with thousands of recipes and personalized ways to help you cook.

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Our body is meant to move every day. It’s meant to bend, twist, and be challenged. You don’t need a fancy gym or a lot of equipment to get results—you just need a plan! Try one of these MOVEMENT-focused apps.
1. “Sworkit”—On-the-go exercise programming. This app will guide you and inspire you to move every day.
2. “7-minute workout”—Quick and impactful workouts for everyone. This app takes time management to the next level with quick and impactful movements to be done anywhere.
3. “Class Pass”—Your worldwide gym membership. This app will allow you to access the world’s largest fitness network.

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