A Vacation from Ordinary

A Vacation from Ordinary

There are vacations, and then there are adventures. Take your inner wild child on the trip of a lifetime with these thrill-seeking, heart-pounding and out-of-the-ordinary excursions.

Retrace the Mayans’ Footsteps
The Nohoch Mol Pyramid, Cobá, Mexico

About 60 miles outside Playa del Carmen and 138 feet high is one of the best views of the Mexican Yucatan. There, standing atop the tallest Maya temple in Mexico, a breathtaking view of the lush jungle canopy and remnants of additional ruins below awaits visitors willing to trek up the primitive 120 steps to the top.

Ride the Rapids
Multiple Locations, Costa Rica

If you haven’t navigated the rushing rapids of Costa Rica from inside a raft, then you haven’t been to Costa Rica. An adventurers’ paradise with miles upon miles of class II-V rapids that twist and turn through all seven regions of the country, Costa Rica’s whitewater rafting scene offers single and multiday excursions for all skill levels.

Shark Swim
Oahu, Hawaii

Not for the faint of heart. Three miles off shore, you’ll enter a polyglass floating cage for your immersive viewing pleasure. Observe Galapagos, Sandbar and Tiger sharks in the open ocean, and whatever else happens to be in the area.

Treetop Tourist
Palo Alto, Boquete, Panama

Get a bird’s eye view of Rio Cristal, private forest preserves in the Talamanca Mountain Range. Gushing waterfalls and rushing rivers dance below your feet as you glide along 12 different zip line cables or walk along six suspension bridges, each totaling nearly 3 miles long.