8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy

8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy

Certified holistic health coach Jennifer Nassi helps her clients discover how to nourish their bodies through food and self care while reconnecting with their authentic selves. We asked her to share a few simple, effective ways to enhance energy levels in daily life.

1) Start the day with lemon water instead of caffeine.

Squeeze half of a fresh lemon into a glass of water and drink it before breakfast. You will start your day hydrated and ready to go, rather than feeling dehydrated and trapped in a never-ending up-and-down cycle.

2) Eat your greens.

Dark, leafy green vegetables are critical to our diet. They’re full of vitamins and other nutrients, and they’re great for improving circulation, purifying the blood, and strengthening the immune system. Add them to your morning smoothie (spinach is a great choice), sauté them with eggs, incorporate them into your pasta sauces and soups, and enjoy good old-fashioned salads.

3) Watch what you wear.

Whether they don’t fit you well or you simply don’t like them anymore, the clothes you wear change your energy and certainly can weigh you down. Simply picking brighter colors and/or clothes you truly enjoy will make a difference. Really!

4) Create a sense of space throughout your day.

Practice deep breathing (there are free breathing apps for your smartphone) or close your eyes for a few minutes. Take a bath, read a favorite book, enjoy a mug of tea — something that is just for you. This will help relax your entire system and will lead to a boost in both energy and productivity.

5) Get outside, and get moving.

Spending a few minutes outside can help you feel more centered and focused. Kick off your shoes and stick your toes in the grass, dig in the garden, or go for a walk around the block. Get moving and get outside in ways that feel good. Even a few minutes will make a difference.

6) Use gentle sweets.

Refined sugars and processed foods send our blood sugar on a roller-coaster ride, along with our hormones; after the initial pick-me-up, they leave us feeling fatigued. Instead, focus on naturally sweet foods. Enjoy fresh fruits. Incorporate sweet potatoes, carrots and onions into your meals. Roast other root vegetables or cauliflower. Use honey or pure maple syrup in moderation. You also can use stevia, an herb that tastes incredibly sweet; try to find brands that are not as processed (your local health food store is a good place to look).

7) Re-evaluate draining relationships.

Sometimes we have relationships that drain us. We can’t always just cut them off (even if we would like to), but we can look at how to set better boundaries. Do you say yes to things when really you want to say no? Do you have healthy boundaries around when and how often you see or talk to the people in your life who are a bit draining? Are you taking care of your own needs before giving to others? This can be a great place to reclaim energy.

8) Get good sleep.

Start with making bedtime a reward rather than a punishment. Set aside a basket on your nightstand with things you enjoy — favorite magazines, a puzzle book, foot scrub or lotion, an eye mask, a hot water bottle, and so on. Then, start moving up your bedtime a little each day. This will allow you to recharge at night and start the morning with more energy.

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