8 Movies Filmed on Vacation Location

8 Movies Filmed on Vacation Location


Some of the most exciting, amusing and entertaining modern classics were filmed in surprising getaway locations.


Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) is devastated after getting dumped by his seemly perfect girlfriend of five years, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell). In an attempt to cheer himself up from the heartbreak, he finally resolves to take a vacation on the north shore of Oahu. Coincidentally—and hilariously— he makes reservations at the same resort as his recent ex-girlfriend and her new famous boyfriend, Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). Following this realization, but before collapsing into a deep depression of embarrassment, a resort concierge named Rachel (Mila Kunis) introduces him to a new perspective on his situation and life.


Set in the Caribbean during the 17th century, this fantasy tale was partially filmed in the pristine tourist destination of Samana, Dominican Republic. The story begins when the town of Port Royal is suddenly attacked by a mysterious pirate ship and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightly), the daughter of the town’s governor, is kidnapped. In order to rescue his childhood friend—and unspoken yet obvious love of his life—local blacksmith Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) teams up with the charmingly eccentric yet deceivingly cunning pirate Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) to pursue these mysterious kidnappers in a high seas adventure that slowly turns into a haunting ghost story.


Delta Force Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer and his six-man team are tasked with the mission of rescuing an official being held hostage by insurgents in a remote jungle. This remote location was filmed near the popular beach resort of Puerto Vallarta. Soon after completing this assignment however, Dutch’s team (despite being an elite group) begins to be killed off one by one. As they continue to move toward the extraction point, the team grows increasingly aware that someone—or something—is hunting them for sport.


In this 17th installment of the famous 007 franchise, British super spy James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) must stop those responsible for the theft of the controls to GoldenEye, a high-tech satellite weapons system. To complete the mission, Bond joins forces with Russian programmer Natalya Simonova (after rescuing her from the GoldenEye facility) and confronts beautiful yet deadly Xenia Onatopp, the Russian Mafia and a criminal mastermind from his past. The climax of the film takes place on top of the world’s largest single-aperture telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.


Based on a true story, this film follows the formation of Jamaica’s first bobsled team. Shot at the resorts of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios on the north side of Jamaica, sprinter Derice Bannock stumbles during the Olympic trials and loses his place on the team. After this tragic setback he feels inspired to form a bobsled team and compete at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In order to achieve this goal he recruits an American coach (John Candy), his best friend Sanka (Doug E. Doug) and fellow sprinters Yul and Junior. Filled with laughs and family fun, this story is both inspiring and hilarious.


Directed by Steven Spielberg, this film is set on an island off the coast of Costa Rica where real life dinosaurs, caged in an amusement park/zoo called Jurassic Park, have been created by eccentric millionaire John Hammond. The actual filming location for this movie however, was the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. Before his park can be opened to the public, dinosaur experts Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) are brought with cynical scientist Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) to alleviate concerns over visitor safety. In an ironic twist, a massive hurricane hits the island, the power shuts down and the released dinosaurs threaten the lives of everyone involved.


Tied for the most academy awards (11, along with Ben-Hur and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King), Titanic is a motion picture epic for the ages. Since filming on the open ocean was not an option, most of it was shot inside a giant water tank placed in the small coastal town of Rosarito, Mexico. The story follows penniless traveler Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) and high society girl Rose Dewitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) as they meet and fall in love aboard the maiden voyage of the Titanic. This socially unacceptable romance continues to blossom and grow during the tragic events that take place before, during and following the infamous sinking of this legendary vessel.


Ben “Finn” Finnegan (Matthew Mcconaughey) is a treasure hunter whose life mission is to recover the massive fortune known as the Queen’s Dowry. In his quest for riches he has long ignored his wife Tess (Kate Hudsen), who has finally decided to leave him in pursuit of her own passions. Before too long though, the two are unexpectedly reunited upon the Yacht of a wealthy globetrotting billionaire and begin one final pursuit of the legendary treasure. Fun fact:  While the film does take place in the Caribbean, and several scenes were shot there, fears over hurricane season forced almost the entire movie to be filmed in Queensland, Australia.

Main image: Wailua Falls, Kauai, Hawaii

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